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Campus Security Officer - Northridge, CA

Position Details

Location: Northridge, CA

We are currently looking for Full Time patrol officers in Northridge, CA.

Job Requirements

1. Have a valid guard card from BSIS
2. Have a valid driver's license
4. Have a positive, team-oriented attitude
5. Familiarity with technology to navigate and use a site telephone. 

Job Information

Lyons Security Service, Inc. is looking for qualified candidates to work as an unarmed security officers on a college campus in Northridge. Officers will be responsible for providing professional customer service while maintaining client requests within the contracts. 

Job Description:
Campus housing is closed to the pubic during the night hours. Officer will be manning one of four posts around the site, while conducting access control throughout the night. Officer will be checking ID cards of all personnel entering the property within these hours with the main focus on vehicles.

Hours and Days of Service: 
Service will be 7 days a week, 8.5 hour shifts which include an off-duty 30min lunch. Shifts start and end times will always be the same: 6:30 PM till 3:00 AM. Wednesday - Sunday (5 days)

Kathleen Guidice